Actress/Music Mixer

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Lora Mao, a/k/a Dreamofasiagirl has been doing extra work in movies since 2000.  She started out in Chicago doing some A list movies.  She also does film music.  She creates beats and loops, and mixes in various soundpool files to get a unique sound. She resides in Houston suburbs and has been #1 on Reverbnation's Dance charts several times. She creates hip hop, dubstep, old school funky, pop, ambient, Brazilian, Asian, and jazz. You never know what will be in her CD's. She was classically trained pianist for ten years and started mixing around 2012. 

Dreamofasiagirl music is available for any film and media projects with proper credit. Find me on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other websites.
http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/dreamofasiagirl and http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/dreamofasiagirl2

Acting (Extra) Timeline

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On The Line Movie, Extra (2000)

The Company Movie, Extra (2003)

ER-Season 10 TV Series, Extra (2003)

Bank Training Video – Infommercial, Extra (2003)

Sapphire Soul, Extra/Production Assistant/Music (2015)

Plucked Short Film, Extra/Music (2017)

Spectre Zero, Music, Extra, Production Assistant (2018)

Playing God Movie, Extra (2018)

Blade Remix, Extra (2018)

Wives of Bellaire Series, Main Cast-Beverly "Bev" Moore (2018)

Music Timeline
Feature article in The Indiegator Magazine (2012)

DJ'd my music at Colgate Smilez Holiday Celebration, which was a fundraiser for HIV/AIDS awareness. (2012)

Created three songs for Takamasa Fukuhara, a Japanese painter who paints Mt. Fuji. (2012 and 2013)




Collaborated with Bill Cox, a comedic poet and filmmaker. My music can be heard throughout the video to his poem called "Dogboy." The short film won an award at the poetry Rabbit Heart Film Festival.  (2014)


Created "The Park" which can be heard throughout Video Productions LLC demo video which aired on cable TV in Houston. (2014)

Featured music artist at RXKR broadcast on scrubradio.com by DJ Tate. (2014)

Director of Music and actress for full feature Chinese language film "Sapphire Soul" written and directed by David Quintana-Lujan from Quantom Storm Productions (2016)


Director of Music for full feature film "Kings Up" produced by Gene Odom from Premier Pictures. (2016)


Trailer:  https://youtu.be/NwMi-WsMDBU

Director of Music and actress for short film produced by Commotion Pictures for the Short Video Showdown competition.



Director of Music for full feature film directed by David Quintana-Lujan from Quantum Storm Productions called "Praying Mantis." Received award for best soundtrack from The Digital Ticket. (2017) https://youtu.be/2CFxQMbD1YA


Music credit in full feature movie "As Long As I am" directed by award winning writer/filmmaker/actress/educator, Susan Nwoledi, M.Ed from TopLine Production & Entertainment (2017) 


Music for a full feature film directed by Kevin Wu called "The Heart of A Hero." (2018)

Music for "Spectre Zero" currently in production by Quantum Storm Productions (2018)
Theme Song




Featured music artist and interview for indie film scene in Quantum Storm Productions E-Magazine February 2018.


Music for a full feature film directed by Kevin Wu called "The Heart of A Hero" sequel (2018) 

Music for "Neva Letta," episode V and VI by DSB Media. (2018) 



Music for full feature film directed by Trend Johnson of DSB Media called "Roach" (2018)

Music for short film directed by Quantum Storm Pictures in association with KC Films called "21 Grams" (2018)

Music for series for Quantum Storm Productions called "Wives of Bellaire" (2018)